For your clients and affiliates, the foundation of the Internet is a domain name - a name everyone can find, remember, and associate in a second with a business, product, service or an idea.

With .biz, .info and .us joining the ranks of the .coms, .nets and .orgs, and with different suffixes available for different countries all across the globe, the world of Domain Name Registration is complex and hard to navigate. Even small businesses need multiple domain names, while most large corporations register and maintain thousands every year. Media companies whose local affiliates sell web-site services for their advertisers, can be swamped with hundreds of individual monthly bills for every salesperson, and the extra accounting time needed to cross-reference and coordinate them can eat big holes into the bottom line.

Transfers only confound the problem, and with renewals comprising 80% of current Domain Name Registration transactions, anyone in a company or organization that works with Domain Names has to deal with a potential mess of record-keeping and paperwork. And these days, the shortest book in the world is the list of successful groups and businesses that don't need Internet Domain Names.

Domain Registration Systems, Inc. makes this complex world simple and reliable. Our state-of-the art back end data basing software cleans up the mess. We track every domain name registration, transfer and renewal, by company, affiliate, group, individual registrant and even end user. Instead of a slew of forms and invoices, you'll receive an organized database, and an easy-to-read monthly statement. Even better, the service is free! All you pay for is the Domain Names and services themselves, at a lower cost than you're probably paying now.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, it won't cost a cent to find out more. Drop us a line, and we'll let you know how Domain Registration Systems, Inc. can simplify your world.

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